Top Five Yoga Mats

Updated: Feb 21

Looking for a new yoga mat? Yoga mats can be expensive and hard to shop for if you don't know what kind you need. In this blog, we will go over the top five yoga mats so you can get more out of your practices!

#5- BalanceFrom GoYoga

BalanceFrom GoYoga

This yoga mat is an all-around solid yoga mat. The mat is 1/4 inches thick which provides cushion and support during your workout. The mat is made out of an anti-tear material that provides resistance. The mat comes with a carrying strap which is helpful when traveling with the mat and makes it easier to carry. This mat is offered in many different colors such as blue, black, green, pink, purple, red, and grey. This BalanceFrom GoYoga mat can be found for around $16!!

Anti-Slip- 6/10

Thickness- 7/10

Colors/Patterns- 7/10

Price- 10/10

Overall- 7/10

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#4- Gaiam Print Yoga Mat

Gaiam Print Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is an overall good mat for any yoga, pilates, or floor workouts. This mat by Gaiam is made of a non slip material which helps your feet and hands stay in place without any slipping during your workout. It is also 4mm thick which provides you cushioned support. Overall, this mat is a very versatile mat that can be used for many different workouts that is nonslip and provides cushion and support throughout your workout. This mat is offered in so many different patterns and vibrant colors! It can be found for around $20.

Anti-Slip- 8/10

Thickness- 6/10

Colors/Patterns- 9/10

Price- 9/10

Overall- 8/10

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#3- Yoga Mat Non Slip

Yoga Mat Non Slip

This yoga mat is a very good mat for yoga beginners. This mat provides alignment lines on the mat which help you keep your body in line. This yoga mat is made out of a non-slip material that is dense, durable and resilient. It is a non-tear material as well and is .6cm thick which allows it to provid cushioned comfort. This mat also comes with a carrying strap which makes it easier to travel with. This mat is also an eco-friendly mat that is easy to clean. This mat is offered in many different colors and patterns such as: mint green, red, pink, purple, orange and many more and can be found for just around $25!

Anti-Slip- 9/10

Thickness- 8/10

Colors/Patterns- 8/10

Price- 9/10

Overall- 9/10

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#2- Manduka eKO Yoga Mat

Manduka eKO Yoga Mat

This mat is one of the most anti-slip mats ever. This mat is water-proof and tear-proof. This mat is bio degradable and eco-friendly! This Manduka mat is 5 mm thick which provides cushion throughout your workout. It is a versatile mat which can be used for not just yoga, but pilates and fitness exercises. It is offered in two different sizes which are: 71 inches and 75 inches. This mat is offered in three different colors which are: "Acai", "Midnight", and "Charcoal". This mat can be found for around $95.

Anti-Slip- 9/10

Thickness- 9/10

Colors/Patterns- 9/10

Price- 8/10

Overall- 9.5/10

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#1- UMINEUX Yoga Mat


This yoga mat provides so many positive things to your workout. It also provides alignment marks on the mat to make sure that your body is in line throughout your practice. This mat by UMINEUX is tear resistance, water proof, eco-friendly and has high resiliency. This mat is also made of an anti-slip material and has anti-skid material on the bottom of the mat which helps you and the mat stay in place. This mat is 8 mm thick which provides the cushion you need throughout your workout! It also comes with a carrying strap and a storage bag. It is offered in so many colors such as: mint green, blue, grey, purple, pink and green! It can be found for around 35!

Anti-Slip- 10/10

Thickness- 10/10

Colors/Patterns- 10/10

Price- 10/10

Overall- 10/10

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